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Incentives in The Workplace

Every great place to work has a company culture that is unique. One way that these cultures are made unique is by the way they setup incentive plans to motivate their employees. Incentives are not a new concept in a work environment, but just like the workforce has changed over the years, so too have these encouragement plans

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Executive Transition

Ashley Ward is pleased to announce that Brian Scalf has been promoted to President of Ashley Ward, Inc. Longtime President, Terry Bien, will take on the role of Chief Financial Officer after serving the company for 35 years in several roles.

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Ashley Ward Makes Two Acquisitions

Ashley Ward is pleased to announce two recent acquisitions that further our commitment to continued growth and long-term sustainability. Within the last year, Ashley Ward has purchased a precision machine shop in West Central Michigan and also a production shop in Connecticut to aid in our efforts to become one of the largest machine shops in the United States. Both facilities have been absorbed into Ashley Ward’s Mason, OH location.

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Manufacturing Day 2018

This year, we hosted our fourth consecutive Manufacturing Day open house on Friday, October 19th

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1018 Carbon Steel vs. 1215 Carbon Steel

1018 vs. 1215 In the world of manufacturing and machining, there are a handful of common material grades that we see all the time. Specifically in the screw machining industry, two of the most common materials we see are 1018 and 1215 grade carbon steel. They are both very versatile materials that are readily available in multiple sizes, shapes, and forms, thus lending themselves for lots of projects. Although their chemical compositions are very similar, they are also very different. Lets take a dive in and compare these two materials to see which is best for your project.

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