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Brass Screw Machining

Brass is one of the most common metals we see at Ashley Ward. Using about 100,000 pounds per week throughout our 4 facilities, we have buying power directly from the mill. Commonly used for fittings in the hydraulic and plumbing sectors, companies ask for brass because of its machinability and corrosion resistance. 

360 Brass Machined Parts

360 brass is the most common grade of brass that we machine in our shop. The presence of lead in 360 brass machined parts allows for easy and efficient machining that provides consistent results. Brass is generally a costlier material due to its composition of mainly copper. However, it is well regarded as one of the best materials for screw machining.

353 Brass Machining Services

This grade is known for its ability to be formed through operations like knurling and threading. 353 contains lead, so it is also very good for machining. Common uses of 353 brass machining services include gears and moving parts as it offers outstanding wear protection against friction forces. Also known as clock brass, engravers brass, or threading brass.

ECO/Lead Free Brass Screw Machining

ECO brass has gained popularity within the past few years as companies and government look to reduce contact with lead in their precision brass parts. Industries like plumbing and HVAC are looking at this as an alternative to the classic 360 grade as regulations become stricter. The absence of lead in these brass machined parts decreases cutting speed, thus slowing the machining and increasing the cost.