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CNC Machining Parts For Military & Defense

Custom Shaft Manufacturer

The demand of the defense industry has seen substantial growth in recent years. Ashley Ward was at the front end of this growth period. By partnering with tactical manufactures, our goal is to become a leading supplier within the industry for shaft manufacturing services. As a leading custom shaft manufacturer, we want to ensure that the best quality components are utilized when it matters most.

Shaft Manufacturing Services

A client from the military and defense industry contracted Ashley Ward to manufacture a steel shaft crucial to the lid assembly of an ammunition container. Constructed from 1215 cold drawn steel, we manufactured this part with single spindle Brown and Sharpe machines. Our research and development team created special fixtures and tooling to machine two eccentric features on either side of the part. Based on a tightly spec’d print, we manufactured each shaft holding .004’’ total tolerance on each turned dimension. After production was complete, parts were painted by the customer and later included in the entire lid assembly.

Due to some specialized tooling the turnaround time on this project was 8-10 weeks. Ashley Ward executed the job in a precise and timely manner for the application that matters most.

As a custom shaft manufacturer, Ashley Ward is a lead manufacturer for AR parts for support rifflers such as:

  • plunger
  • hammer & trigger pin
  • pin selector
  • detent
  • retainer  
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Precision Machining of 1215 Steel Worm Gear - Project Details

Product Description

This shaft is part of a military container lid assembly used to store tank and helicopter ammunition rounds


Single Spindle Machining

Equipment Utilized

Brown & Sharpe

Overall Part Dimensions

OD: .625” Hex

Length 8.07”

Tightest Tolerances



Material Used

1215 Cold Drawn Steel


132,000 Annual

Turn Around Time 8-10 Weeks
Industry for Use


Delivery Location

Green Cove Springs, FL

Tooling Costs


Standards Met

Customer Supplied Print, MIL-A-2550

Product Name

Container Shaft