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Outsourcing Machining Production

Outsourcing with us allows you to focus on other core aspects of your business while having peace of mind that experts in the field are producing your machined parts. Allowing us to integrate your machining needs into our facilities can solve the hassles of having your own onsite machine shop.

Our track record shows that you can count on us to efficiently, skillfully, and respectfully transition equipment and part numbers from your facility to ours including high volume machining outsourcing. Our case studies show that we know how to smoothly integrate new production so that little or no downtime is incurred.

Bottom Line:

For an efficient, skillful, and respectful transition of your in-house machining call the experts at Ashley Ward!


Maytag Case Study

Needing more floor space for a new project, Maytag needed to find a partner to outsource the movement of 30 machines which produced an average of 6,000 parts per day. Ashley Ward was able to act quickly and provide high-volume production service accurately by adding 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space to incorporate the machines necessary to complete this task. The result was an efficient, low-stress transition for Maytag so that they could focus on their new project. To see the whole story click here. (PDF - 42KB)

Eaton Case Study

A $12 billion dollar power management company needed to close a machining plant to create cost savings and they needed an outside vendor to relocate the manufacturing. This required a transition of 32 machines and 400 parts in order to complete this mission. Ashley Ward created a high production transition plan to keep all production on schedule and was able to PPAP and sample all 400 parts within 6 months. Ashley Ward now produces over 550 part numbers to Eaton. To see the whole story  click here. (PDF - 39KB)