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Custom Screw Machined Parts & Products

Swiss Screw Machined Parts

Ashley Ward is set up as an OEM part contract manufacturer, which means that we make whatever the customer specifies. Commonly known in the industrial world as a job shop, we take a customer supplied design and drawing and make a part to whatever parameters they specify. By not having our own product line or specific market, it allows us great diversity to make all shapes, sizes, and kinds of parts for our customers. Contact us now to learn more about our precision machined metal parts.

Screw Machine Parts

Common Types of OEM Components and Parts We Manufacturer


Our diverse customer base is made up of multiple industries, but within each of those, there are even more specific part types that we commonly see and produce.

Materials we manufacture parts in:


Industries we produce parts for:

 Brass  Home Appliances
 Carbon Steel  Lawn & Garden 
 Stainless Steel  Fluid & Power Management
 Alloy Steel  Automotive 
 Aluminum  Defense Military
 & More  & More