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Fluid & Power Management

Brass Fittings

Hose connections and strong valves are at the core of what keep job sites running. We keep lines flowing with over 100 years of experience machining valves and fittings. Our screw machining capabilities, partnered with our experienced staff, make us one of the leaders in reliable valve and fitting manufacturing.

Custom Hydraulic Brass Fittings

Constructed from 360 brass material, each fitting measured exactly .8125 of an inch in outer diameter and 1.48 inches in length, and featured NPT threads. Once we manufactured the components and ensured they fulfilled all of our client's requirements for design and quality, we then packaged and delivered these units to our customer's facility. Exceeding client expectations, we produced 150,000 brass fittings for the hydraulic industry.

Screw Machining of Brass Fittings- Project Details

Product Description This Brass Nipple is used within an Industrial Hydraulic Application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Automatic Screw Machining
Equipment Utilized Acme Gridley Machines
Overall Part Dimensions O.D.: .8125"
Length: 1.48"
Tightest Tolerances ±.002"
Material Used 360 Brass
Feature NPT Thread
Volume 150,000 Pieces
Turn Around Time 6-8 Weeks
Industry for Use Hydraulic
Delivery Location Mason, Ohio
Tooling Costs $1,625
Standards Met Customer supplied print, CAD Drawing
Product Name Hydraulic Nipple