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Alloy Steel Screw Machining

Alloy steels are among some of the strongest, toughest materials. Among others, we offer alloy steel machining services for grades 8620 and 4140 in our shop. These grades are used for alloy steel machined products and applications that demand performance and strength.

8620 Alloy Steel Machining

8620 contains nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. These added elements allow it to stand up against applications of wear. We perform alloy steel machining on 8620 mostly for gear, spline, and shafting work. This grade is also tough on tools and cannot be run as fast as a typical carbon steel.

4140 Alloy Steel Machining Services

4140 has great hardenability characteristics for alloy steel machining. It is strong and has superior resistance to wear. We machine 4140 for several applications but mostly for high stress situations where parts will be put through repetitive wear.

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