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Luer Lock Needle Hubs

Ashley Ward develops and delivers high-quality, high-performing Luer Lock needle hubs and Luer Lock needle parts in a large selection of sizes for a wide array of uses by medical professionals, especially veterinarians.

Ashley Ward’s medical hubs and needle hubs are expertly engineered, custom machined and rigidly tested to meet ISO specifications and your exact needs.

Need HubsOutstanding features

  • Custom made of brass and plated in nickel
  • Readily manufactured in large quantities
  • Available in sizes between 8 to 28 gauge
  • Meet ISO 80369 specification
  • Consistently tested for leaks utilizing unique gauging equipment

Industries served

  • Veterinary medicine, especially for embedding RFID tags
  • Medical

What is a Luer Lock

A Luer Lock is a standardized system of interlocking pieces that link together small-scale fluid fittings and create a leak-free connection between them.

About Ashley Ward

Ashley Ward began offering Luer Lock needle hubs and Luer Lock needle parts almost two years after acquiring a company [Stage 3 Precision] that had more than 50 years’ experience in the industry.

Since being founded in 1908, Ashley Ward has built itself into a leader in the screw machine industry, with one of the nation’s largest assortments of machining equipment, facilities across the country, and customers around the globe.

With the solid foundation of multi-generational private family ownership and 200 dedicated employees, Ashley Ward develops and delivers quality products that touch almost everyone’s life: appliances, lawn & garden machines, defense parts, hydraulic valves, cable connectors and automotive components.