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Ashley Ward Makes Two Acquisitions

Ashley Ward Makes Two Acquisitions

Ashley Ward is pleased to announce two recent acquisitions that further our commitment to continued growth and long-term sustainability. Within the last year, Ashley Ward has purchased a precision machine shop in West Central Michigan and also a production shop in Connecticut to aid in our efforts to become one of the largest machine shops in the United States. Both facilities have been absorbed into Ashley Ward’s Mason, OH location.

With the acquisition of both companies, Ashley Ward will begin to establish a presence in two new industries. We will be able to leverage the experience of the Connecticut shop in the medical field while also establishing a footprint in the hand tools industry with the plant from Michigan. Both serve our underlying desire to diversify into new markets to provide our customers with the ever-growing capabilities and experience and ensure long-term success.

These recent purchases allow us to continue to add capacity at a rate to match the growth in the market. We are currently seeing a boom in the economy, thus our customers are increasing their demands and are pushing new products onto the market. Ashley Ward understands this dynamic and is committed to taking the necessary steps to serve this booming economy.

These acquisitions further solidify Ashley Ward as a leader in the screw machine industry. By adding capacity and diversifying into new industries, Ashley Ward sets themselves up for continued success well into the future. If you are interested in selling your business or outsourcing you internal machine shop, please contact Nate Ruhenkamp at

To learn more about Ashley Ward, check out our website. We are also actively posting more industry news and company updates on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.