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Carbon Steel Screw Machining

Carbon steels are the second most popular metal we see on our floor. Our sister company, Cincinnati Cold Drawn, allows us to buy direct from the mill and bring in material to the perfect size. Engineers usually choose carbon steels for their lower cost and versatility to perform within various applications, as well as their ability to accept and withstand secondary operations like heat treating or staking. Carbon steels are most commonly broken down into 3 subgroups: 1000 series, 1100 series, and 1200 series.

1000 Series Carbon Steel Machining

The 1000 series contains arguably the most popular carbon steel material grade in 1018. Because of its versatility, including having great weldability, it is used for all kinds of applications, including shafts and other high wear parts. 1000 Series carbon steel machined parts are always available and always cheap, but is not the most efficient to machine on screw machines.

1100 Series Machined Carbon Steel

1117 and 1144 are the two grades of material that make up our 1100 series. 1117 can be welded, but is less easily machined. 1144 is unique because it can be thru-hardened, but similar to 1117, these machined carbon steel parts are not as easily machined as leaded grades.

1200 Series Carbon Steel Services

The 1200 series includes grades such as 12L14 and 1215. Both of these grades are free machining, but are not ideal for welding or forming. The high tensile strength and great machinability of both of these grades is sought by engineers and machinists for carbon steel services.