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Home Appliance Part Machining

Home Appliance Part Machining

Pinion Gear Manufacturer

As a leading pinion gear manufacturer for the home appliance part machining industry, Ashley Ward machines home appliance components, such as pinion gears, which can be found all over the house, from the kitchen countertop to the laundry room. Over the years our presence in the home appliance part machining industry has grown substantially. Ashley Ward manufactures key assembly components for well know and trusted brands in the appliance market. Transmissions that drive everyday appliances start with Ashley Ward products.

Successfully building a reputation for providing top-notch, precision machining servicesAshley Ward was contracted by a client from the appliance industry to manufacture a series of steel spin pinions. These components are used within a washing machine assembly.

Employing our advanced Acme Gridley machinery, we performed a variety of secondary operations, including broaching, gear hobbing, and grinding to produce these pinions, all while maintaining a tight (±) .001 of an inch precision tolerance. Based on a customer-supplied print, we manufactured these parts to measure 1.5 inches in outside diameter and 2.016 inches in length. After production was complete, we then packaged and delivered all components to our client's facility within a short, 8-10 week turnaround period. Common machined parts utilized in-home appliance applications are splined shafts, driveshafts, pins, gears, studs, threaded rods, and more. 

Home Appliance Applications for Machined Parts

    • Washing Machines
    • Blenders
    • Stand Mixers
    • Dish Washers
    • Dryers
    • Trash Compactors
    • Garbage Disposal

As a leading pinion gear manufacturer, Ashley Ward is able to service all your home appliance part machining needs. Providing top-notch precision machining services within short lead times, Ashley Ward was able to successfully manufacture a large series of steel spin pinions for their customer. Meeting precise customer specifications, Ashley Ward has now been contracted to produce 1,000,000 spin pinion gears annually for this client.


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Precision Machining of 1215 Steel Spin Pinion - Project Details

Product Description This spin pinion is used within a washing machine assembly
Capabilities Applied/Processes CNC Machining
Secondary Processes:
  • Broaching
  • Gear Hobbing
  • Grinding
Equipment Utilized Acme Gridley Machines
Overall Part Dimensions O.D.: 1.50"
Length: 2.016"
Tightest Tolerances ±.001"
Material Used 1215 Steel
Volume 1,000,000 Annually
Turn Around Time 8-10 Weeks
Industry for Use Appliance
Delivery Location Mason, Ohio
Tooling Costs $10,500
Standards Met Customer supplied print, CAD Drawing
Product Name Spin Pinion