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Helical Gear Manufacturer

Helical Gear Hobbing & Machining

As a leading helical gear manufacturer, Ashley Ward is proud to offer helical gear hobbing and machining. Helical gears get their name from the shape of their gear tooth which forms part of a helix due the angled nature of the teeth. These gears are utilized most for high speed applications, where high torque output is needed and noise is a concern. The angled nature of the helical gear allows for more gradual contact between the teeth, which makes for a smoother and quieter operation. These angled teeth also create more contact between the teeth, resulting in higher power generation and increased durability, but also less efficiency than other gear types. They can be meshed in either parallel or crossed orientation, but they create axial thrust loads, which need to be considered when designing mounting and bearing arrangements. These types of gears are common in engine and transmission applications because of their high speed and heavy load bearing, as well as their quiet operation. You can find them in power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and automobiles.

*Please refer to the Gear Hobbing/Gear Cutting Services page for capabilities and equipment information

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