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Induction Heat Treating Services

Induction Heat Treatment Process

With 6 induction heat treating machines, we soften or harden metal through targeted heating, hardening, tempering, or annealing. We specialize in induction heat treating a range of metal parts, such as drive shafts, bearings, axel shafts, camshafts, and sprockets.

induction heat treating

Induction Annealing for Metals

Our induction heat treatment process is best suited for enhancing the ductility of steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel parts without compromising on the dimensional stability of the materials. In addition, our induction heating process is environmentally friendly and offers higher heating intensity compared to conventional metal treatment techniques.

Induction Hardening Capabilities

Factors such as electrical properties of pieces, the coupling efficiency of coils, and the degree of temperature change required are taken into consideration during induction heat treatment. Our Zion Z scan induction heat treater features a 6 position rotary index table and easy-to-maintain hydraulics. The Zion Z scan induction heat treater is capable of heat treating pieces with diameters up to 1 1/4" and lengths up to 20".

Tempering Services

Provide your design specifications for your piece part and allow us to generate a quote. Start this induction heat treating process by selecting the "Request information" button.

Materials Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel Grades:
1000, 1018, 1045, 1035
1100, 1118, 1144, 1117, 1141
1200, 1215
8600, 8620
Steel - 4140
Stainless Steel - 303, 304, ETD 150
Carbon Steel
Induction Heat Treating Capabilities Induction Annealing
Induction Hardening
Induction Heating
Applications Bearings
Clutch Plates
Roller Pins
Lawn Mower Cams
Truck Cams
Car Camshafts
Axel Shafts
Drive Shafts
Secondary Operations Spline Rolling
Centerless Grinding
Other Capabilities Assembly
JIT Delivery
Material Thickness Hexagons from 3/4" to 1-3/4"
Rounds from 3/8" to 2-1/32"
Standard Bar Length 12'  
Precision Dimensional Tolerance 0.002"  
Induction Heat Treating Advantages  Quality parts can be Heat Treated at High Production Rates
- Fast Startup
- Fast Heating
- Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient
- High Intensity Heat can be Targeted to Selective Sections on Metal Surfaces
- Desired Hardness Levels can be Precisely Controlled
Acceptable Drawing File Formats And Others
Multi-Spindle Screw Machining Advantages - Ideal for High Volume Production
- Consistently Accurate Results
- High Production Rate
Quality Control Measures  Continuous Improvement Program
Employee Training Programs
Fully Integrated Computerized SPC Capability
Investment in the Latest Quality Control Equipment
Organizational Commitment to Quality
Quality Incentive Programs
State-Of-The-Art Statistical Process Control Software
Vertical Integration of Processes (from cold drawing of steel to final assembly)
Certifications ISO 9001: 2008 Certified  
Awards  Ashley Ward has received numerous Performance Awards from Whirlpool Corporation for its outstanding quality performance throughout the year.  
Industries Served Appliance
Lawn & Garden

Equipment List

Induction Heat Treaters 2 - Induction Heat Treatment Machines
1 - Zion Heat Treater Z scan 6 Position Rotary Table
Maximum Length: 20"
Maximum Diameter: 1 1/4"
Maximum Weight per Part: 5 lbs
1 - Zion Horizontal Heat Treater Auto loader
Maximum Length: 22"
Maximum Diameter: 0.625"