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Robots: Don’t be Afraid, They’re Here to Help

Robots are also boosting productivity and efficiency levels, leading to higher profit margins. Not only do they provide more uptime than humans because they can literally run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they also produce more consistent results, meaning less scrap and waste

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Lack of Drivers, Regulations, Impacting Shipping Costs

The trucking industry is a backbone of the economy, especially in a world where online orders are the norm.

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Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machining Services

At Ashley Ward, our core competency is high volume, production turning utilizing cam driven automatic screw machines. The term screw machine often spurs names like Acme Gridley, Davenport, and Brown & Sharpe machines because they are the most common and familiar brands. However, in addition to these types of machines, we also utilize a more modern machine called a Hydromat Rotary Transfer machine.

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Learning While Earning

Ask any manufacturing or machining company about their biggest risk to future growth or success and almost unanimously the number one answer is finding skilled labor. With this in mind, it is important to target the future and understand how companies will combat this labor shortage. One of the fastest growing and most impactful tactics the industry is using is apprenticeships.

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What's Better Than New Toys?

Everyone likes to show off their presents. And even though Christmas was over a month ago, we at Ashley Ward are excited to show off some new toys we received from our partners at NK Telco Inc.

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