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Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machining

Swiss-made Hydromat rotary transfer machines allow us to manufacture complex parts in large quantities for lawn and garden, appliance, plumbing, automotive, defense, and aerospace applications. These rotary transfer machines have live tooling capabilities and are fitted with up to 16 machining stations. With our Hydromats, parts can be inverted to allow for rotary transfer machining operations on both ends during the production process.

The Hydromats can produce parts from blanks or bar stock up to 1.771" in diameter and 6" in length with rotary transfer machining. Parts from different grades of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass are handled in our rotary transfer machining services. As the bar stock is stationary and the tooling is live in our Hydromats, multiple machining operations can be performed without removing the part from the machine. Our Hydromat rotary transfer machines can sequentially perform up to 16 machining operations including cut-off, burnishing, tapping, drilling, milling, and turning.

Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machine - Capabilities

Materials Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel Grades:
1000, 1018, 1045, 1035
1100, 1118, 1144, 1117, 1141
1200, 1215
8600, 8620
Steel - 4140
Stainless Steel - 303, 304, ETD 150
Carbon Steel
Typical Rotary Transfer Machining Operations Burnishing
Maximum Diameter 1.771"  
Other Capabilities Assembly
JIT Delivery
Maximum Length 6"  
Applications Plumbing
Defense & Aerospace
Fittings & Connectors
Lawn Garden
Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machining Advantages - Hydromat rotary transfer machining lowers your overall costs by reducing your processing steps.
- With up to 16 stations, Hydromats allow for a multitude of machining operations.
- Hydromats are best suited for complex parts with high volume part requirements.
 Acceptable Drawing File Formats  And Others
 Quality Control Measures  Continuous Improvement Program
Employee Training Programs
Fully Integrated Computerized SPC Capability
Investment in the Latest Quality Control Equipment
Organizational Commitment to Quality
Quality Incentive Programs
State-Of-The-Art Statistical Process Control Software
Vertical Integration of Processes (from cold drawing of steel to final assembly)
 Certifications  ISO 9001: 2008 Certified  
 Awards  Ashley Ward has received numerous Performance Awards from Whirlpool Corporation for its outstanding quality performance throughout the year.  
 Industries Served  Appliance
Lawn & Garden

Equipment List

Equipment Used 19 Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machines
Cycle Time 1 .75 Seconds to 120 Seconds
25 mm by 12 Station Hydromat 11 - Hydromats
Diameter: 3/16" to 0.984"
Maximum Length: 3.5"
1 - Hydromat has CNC Turning capability in two tooling positions
25 mm by 12 Station Hydromat 1 - Hydromat
Full CNC equipped, two station
45 mm by 12 Station Hydromat 1 - Hydromat
Diameter: 0.312" to 1.771"
Maximum Length: 6"
45 mm by 16 Station Hydromat 5 - Hydromats
Diameter: 0.312" to 1.771"
Maximum Length: 6"
45 mm by 16 Station Hydromat 1- Hydromat
Full CNC equipped, jaw chucking for running special shape extrusions