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  • Former Employee Retires from US Navy

Former Employee Retires from US Navy

Ashley Ward is extremely proud to announce the retirement of Chief Petty Officer Eric M. Paul. Serving in the Navy for twenty plus years, Eric served on the USS FRANK CABLE AS-40, USS WYOMING SSBN-742, USS ALASKA SSBN-732, and USS TENNESSEE SSBN-734. Eric started his military career in January 1997 and before deciding to retire on May 31 of this year. On Monday, Ashley Ward flew a flag in honor of Eric’s sacrifices and to congratulate him on his retirement.

Eric Paul has many connections to Ashley Ward. Eric is a former employee of Ashley Ward where he worked for the company before deciding to enter the Navy. Eric is also the son of current employee Kris Paul. Kris is the scheduler and planner for all of the corporate machining operations. Ashley Ward is extremely proud of all that Eric has accomplished in his ultimate sacrifice to serve our country!