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  • Ashley Ward Continues to Invest in New Machinery

Ashley Ward Continues to Invest in New Machinery

Mason, OH March 21, 2017-

We are proud to announce the purchase of some new equipment and technology that will be added to our floor to ensure the highest level of quality, service, and delivery to our customers.

A new HAAS tool room lathe and mill were added to our R&D department. These machines will be utilized to increase our capabilities when it comes to designing and building process improvement tools, such as loaders and secondary machines.

The engineering department has also been upgraded. A CAD/CAM and part maker software package has been purchased to provide additional design support to both our customers, as well as to our personnel on the shop floor. This technology will allow us to open and review all formats of customer drawings and prints and give us the ability to work with them in designing a part that is both functional, but also able to be manufactured. From a shop perspective, we can use this software to help design tools and fixtures, build machine layouts, and estimate cycle times, thus improving our efficiencies and lead times for quotes and production.

From a quality side, we have made a significant investment that will help push the bar of our world class quality even higher. That investment is in the form of a visual sorting machine which will be used to verify dimensional conformance, especially on critical characteristics as prescribed by our customers. We will be able to ensure zero defects on certain aspects of parts without needing to add cost for additional labor, as well as reducing lead times by eliminating the need to go to outside vendors.

Our centerless grinding department will be home to a newly rebuilt Cincinnati centerless grinding machine. With a custom set of 10 inch wheels, we can utilize this machine to do either in feed or profile grinding projects. This will increase our capacity and also allow us to be more versatile when scheduling jobs. 

These investments will aid us in keeping costs down and efficiencies up throughout the entire machining process. The need for turned parts is continuing to grow and with these additions to our capabilities, we are carrying on our tradition of providing world class quality, service, and delivery to all of our customers.  

Ashley Ward, Inc. is one of the largest machine shops in the US with 5 locations across the country. We serve various fortune 500 companies and work directly with other large OEM’s. Defined as a leader in the screw machine industry, clients have sought out our expertise, equipment, and resources to get the big jobs done since 1908. For more information or to submit a quote request, please visit our website at, or please contact Nate Ruhenkamp at 513-229-5523 or