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Precision Machined Fittings

One of the most common part types we see in our shop fall under the category of fittings. These kinds of parts are typically used to connect two or more pieces of material to help with the transfer of various substances. Most fittings are made to connect materials that are not alike, attaching different material, different sizes, different shapes, or different directions of flow.

Acme Gridley Hydraulic FittingsIndustries we Manufacture Fittings for:

Commonly used in the area of fluid and power management, you will see them used in plumbing, HVAC, hydraulics, pneumatics, and oil/gas industries.

Materials for Precision Machined Fittings

They can vary in materials, although most commonly found in brass, copper & more. These types of parts are most closely associated with pipe and tubing products and are seen in both commercial and residential environments.

Types of Fittings We Produce

Fittings almost always have some sort of thread used for attaching them to another material and will be categorized by their use. Some uses included:

  • Nipples
  • Reducer
  • Plug
  • Barb
  • Coupling
  • Elbow
  • & More