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  • What Manufacturers Need to Know About Social Media

What Manufacturers Need to Know About Social Media

In an era where being digital is growing and expanding, consumers continue to push for companies to share that space with them. One such space that consumer like to see companies in is the social media platform. In a survey conducted by Social Media Today, 78% of survey respondents stated that social media posts by a company impact their purchasing habits. However, it’s not just retailers and consumer goods producers that need to be active in social media, it is imperative for manufacturers as well. As consumers become more and more impacted by social media experiences, it’s imperative that manufacturers understand how to create the most impactful social media plan and why it is important to do so. 

Social media interactions can be extremely complex at times, but following a few important tips can help make sure your followers are pleased. One of the most important tips for social media management is to be consistent when posting your curated information. Whether you post once a week, twice a week, or more, make sure you stay consistent with amount of posts you schedule throughout the week. Also, it’s not only consistency in the frequency of posts, but also the message as well. If you are having trouble keeping your posts uniform, there are great social media management tools that can help aid you in posting your content. Some of the industry leaders in social media management tools are HootSuite and Everypost. These two management tools allow users to curate content and schedules posts whenever they desire to help ensure consistent posts. By being reliable in your posts, the digital customer experience will increase immensely.

Along with being consistent, your content must be interactive and efficient. Millennials, who are the leaders of this social media movement, spend 25+ hours of their time every week online. With them being the main target audience and their time at a premium as they scour the web, your content must be short and sweet. Posting long, wordy content will have minimal impact and will leave your customers continuing to scroll. Nevertheless, short but enticing posts will catch their eyes creating more traffic and better perceptions on your posts. If you’re having trouble making your posts more concise, try using visuals. Visuals are quickly becoming the most interactive form of media and are extremely eye-catching.  Visuals are to the point and present an alternative to traditional wording. To make sure your posts are creating optimal impact, make sure to monitor analytics for your posts. Every social media platform has this function and this allows you to see which posts are popular and which fell flat, as well as comparative tools to make sure progress is being made in your social media endeavors.

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With all the positive opportunities social media presents, it undoubtedly creates opportunities to harm your company’s image as well. This risk can be eliminated by avoiding common social media pitfalls. One of the quickest ways to turn away customers is to post a large amount of promotional content. Consumers want relevant information that aligns with the company. Spending too much time promoting content defeats the purpose of your account and reduces your credibility as a social media presence. Next, make sure your content is remaining neutral. Posting content about emotionally charged topics, such as religion and politics, can unintentionally offend people and ultimately cause more harm than good. When faced with content that could be considered emotionally charged, it’s better to find different content to post rather than face the unpredictable consumer response. Finally, if someone leaves a comment on one of your accounts, make sure to respond to them. This helps portray a company that cares about its customers and is responsive when product improvements are presented.

Navigating social media in the business environment can be tough at times, but following these simple suggestions above can help keep you out of the danger zone. Be sure to post interactive, consistent, and efficient content in order to produce the customer response you desire. If you value these three traits as well as avoiding promotional and emotionally charged content, you are on your way to becoming a social media leader in your industry.

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