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  • Happy Holidays from Ashley Ward!

Happy Holidays from Ashley Ward!

As the closing of another fiscal year rapidly approaches, we are reminded of how incredibly blessed we are for all those who play apart in making Ashley Ward successful. First, we would like to thank all our suppliers and customers for their continued business and unwavering support for our company. Without our unbelievable customers and suppliers, we are nothing! We would also like to thank all of our wonderful employees for their dedication and hard work day in and day out. Their time and support for our business is second to none. As we put the finishing touches onto 2016, we look forward eagerly to an exciting 2017.


As we head towards 2017, Ashley Ward is excited to see what new trends emerge in the New Year in our industry. We are excited to see the emergence of additive manufacturing and how this new process is incorporated into manufacturing operations. We look forward to the continued evolution of the internet of things and are enthusiastic to see advancements of the relationship between technology and manufacturing. Finally, we are enthusiastic about the potential of our industry and the opportunities that lie ahead. We looked forward to another successful 2017 and many more to come!


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