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  • A Promising Career in Manufacturing

A Promising Career in Manufacturing

Manufacturing doesn’t just provide jobs, it provides careers. Although the two terms seem similar, they are actually quite different. Many young millennials today are seen as only valuing immediate benefits of their job, such as monetary compensation, rather than the long term success of a career. Once a staple of many baby boomers, the pursuit of a career has been thrown to the wayside to allow millennials to move from job to job, seeking temporary benefits with disregard for long term success. In a world dominated by these job seekers, one industry continues to provide opportunities for individuals seeking long term successes. That industry is manufacturing.

When we look at the difference between a job and a career, the benefits of a career far outweigh those of a job. When an individual enters a career, they open up the opportunity to progress while adding responsibility, authority, and trust. In his article, Why a Millennial Chooses Manufacturing, Nate Ruhenkamp states that when you choose a career, you see “added motivation and focus to do work better and faster to reach the end point as soon as possible.” These benefits of a career make long-term success tangible and add more importance to a career versus a job. 

A career in manufacturing makes these benefits readily available for anyone seeking this opportunity. One of the most exciting benefits that a manufacturing career presents is the ability to progress up the ladder at a much quicker pace than other industries. For example, a machinist could start on manual machines, progress to shift lead, and maybe end up as an operations manager. Another huge benefit of a career in manufacturing is job security. As you learn and evolve throughout the years, your knowledge becomes invaluable. You become a coveted asset to a company, especially as the skill gap continues to widen. Before long, your experience and expertise will be crucial to the success of your company making your job as secure as any other in the market. Along with job security comes another benefit of manufacturing careers; increased wages. As manufacturing careers continue to blossom, and the workers to fill those positions decrease, advanced and expert machinists will be paid more. Through the ability to negotiate salaries, the peace of mind of a secure job, and the opportunity to progress to higher authority positions, a career in manufacturing sets itself apart as one of the best opportunities for work in the entire economy.

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